Reduce cost by 50-75%

A healthier population, particularly in disadvantaged communities, benefits all Californians. We will give people more healthcare options and reorient the system toward preventative medicine, which costs less.

We believe in transparent pricing, competitive healthcare, and cutting healthcare costs by up to 75%. See Prof. Sean Flynn and “The CURE that Works: How to Have the World’s Best Healthcare — at a Quarter of the Price“! The State of Indiana, Whole Foods, Singapore, and others use this method. CA needs to move to reduce health care costs immediately.

Currently, we do not shop for medical services in CA, but we need to do so. One would not order anything else without knowing the cost. Medical providers should post prices and make them publicly available in advance of treatment. Now, we order medical services regardless of cost because it is “other people’s money.” We need to manage our medical expenses by owning our health savings plans.

  • Health savings plans must roll over year to year so that you can keep your money.
  • Health care providers must make all pricing publicly available.
  • Medical records need to be accessible to any physician that you choose immediately online so that one can go to any medical provider.
  • The health care field must become a competitive market.

A healthier population benefits all Californians. We will give people more options and free market medicine to reduce the cost by 75%.

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