Join us and Walk and Raise Funds

I am participating in the Save our State Walk & Rally, a grass roots effort  to help Republican candidates raise money so they can win in November! Tell your friends that the candidate you chose to support is Dr. Alexander Glew for Senate District 13, covering from Pacifica to Los Gatos.  

July 20th 2024 , 9am – 12pm

Lake Cunningham Park at the Cypress Pavilion

Walk and Donate

You can donate and walk, or just donate. 

Use the donation link and email that you received to send to everyone you know.  Invite them to donate and to participate in the walk and rally on July 20th. Ask people to send out the link to others that they know as well.  Post about the event on social media and invite everyone you know!


Go ahead and click on the donate button to donate to our campaign.

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