We must keep California liveable. SB902 is an abomination, As I have publicly stated before at candidate forums and am quoted in newspapers. If high-density housing was the answer to affordable housing, then Manhattan would have the least expensive real estate in the USA. High-density housing just breaks the system. As COVID 19 has taught us, high density also spreads disease. I oppose the following bills, including those that have already died in committee but are destined come back to life and haunt us again:

SB 902

SB 902 (Wiener), SB 50 But Much, Much Worse

AB 3173

AB 3173 (Bloom) Luxury Walk-In Closets, Not Housing

AB 1279

AB 1279 (Bloom) 120 Units Next to Your House

AB 725

AB 725 (Wicks/Wiener) Density Via Deception

See https://www.livablecalifornia.org for more information.